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Native wordpress logger s*cks

Native wordpress logger is not really designed for advanced usage. It consits of a single log file (wp-content/debug.log) you can activate in your wp-config.php with this two directives:

Even if it’s activated, it’s really difficult to use this default log file as a precise log file since it catch all PHP errors and warnings. Besides, I wasn’t able to customize the output format like I wanted…

Native debugging in WordPress was a real pain before advanced WordPress logger

As an application developer, I really needed to add a better alternative logging system for many of my WordPress projects. I decided to package this solution and share it with interested users.

This tool is currently under development but the WordPress Advanced Logs plugin aims to improve WordPress default logging capabilities by adding a more powerful, customizable and accurate logging system.

WordPress advanced logs is better

This plugin,  currently under development, is based on the existing and very popular log4php framework which I use everytime I need a porwerful logging system.

This tool is very useful for developers who want to log various events and monitor their system activity. Many developers use WordPress as a development framework and add complex interaction with third parties applications or APIs. When you create complex solutions, tracing important events and data in log files can save a lot of time when you’ll have to debug it.

The project

You’ll find more details about this new project on the plugin Github repository and if you’re interested by this tool, feel free to let me know:

I will try to share the code as soon as I can and will work on new settings and features in the next monthes.

I hope this plugin will be helpful for other developpers!